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Card Tricks ( PLR - Lizenz )

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Card Tricks ( PLR - Lizenz )

10 Card Tricks
for the
Novice Magician,

Makes the novice look like a pro!!!


This is an awesome collection of card tricks for the novice magician. The tricks are easy but astounding. I was able to teach a couple of these tricks to my seven year old. She was than able to perform them so well my wife was unable to figure them out. 

The first couple of these tricks are so simple you will be able to perform them within minutes of downloading!

These tricks don't take much practice to master yet the effect on your spectators face is- "How did you do that?"


Autor :   Rusty Valley
Ebook - Format : PDF
Download Datei : ZIP
Datei Grösse : 346
Lizenz : PLR
Lizenz - Format : PDF

Dieses Ebook ist in englischer Sprache.


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